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Cemetery: Bethany Lutheran Cemetery
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Anderson, Albert 07/00/1911
Anderson, Carl J. 06/07/1910
Anderson, Gudrun 00/00/1922
Anderson, Ralph 00/00/1931
Barlow, Gail Peterson 05/19/1971
Berg, Selmer 07/11/1936
Bjorgan, Olaf G. 08/31/1933
Bolstad, Doris 09/15/1940
Bolstad, Gertrude 02/23/1997
Bolstad, Henry Selmer 05/27/1968
Bolstad, Roy Henry 11/18/1996
Brazil, Thelma Birgett 03/22/1978
Brurud, Gina 05/05/1980
Brurud, Millard 01/29/1971
Cederholm, George 02/09/1988
Cederholm, Thora 12/07/1996
Fisher, Albert Gene 11/19/1995
Froisness, Gladys 08/26/1920
Froisness, Gro 07/10/1917
Froisness, Gunnuf T. 03/15/1910