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Cemetery: Bethany Lutheran Cemetery
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Froisness, Targi 01/30/1921
Gabrialson, Theoline 00/00/1913
Geske, Agnes L. 12/31/1991
Geske, Harold John 01/03/1992
Gulseth, Herb 00/00/1986
Gulseth, Myrtle 01/25/1972
Gunsch, Jeanette Deloris 04/17/2001
Hammer, Andreas 00/00/0000
Hammer, Arnold 08/13/2005
Hammer, Bendik 00/00/0000
Hammer, Bertel B. 05/29/1966
Hammer, Emma O. 03/20/1965
Hammer, Grace Evangeline 08/29/2000
Hammer, Infant 00/00/0000
Hammer, Marvin A. 02/25/1944
Harder, Alan Jerome 01/20/1988
Harder, Gloria 03/09/1991
Helgeland, Baby Boy 07/14/1941
Helgeland, Betty (Beatrice) 08/09/1995
Helgeland, Elmer Oliver 05/30/1926
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